If you desire to learn basketball or upgrade your skills then you have visited the write blog site. In this guide, we provide you with everything you're looking for in the basketball sport. So you learn with correct technique and become a better player version than before. First thing, playing basketball is one of the should do things for a healthy lifestyle. No matter you're playing for a tournament or fitness, you're doing good in both ways. However, there are some rules in this sport which you have to follow. If you're practising for the tournament. Which are

  • It is a team sport, coordination and being united matter for the victory.
  • Two teams of five players are supposed to shoot the ball in the opposite baskets. Which is placed 10 feet above the ground.
  • The rectangular floor is called "count". Which is divided by the midcourt line.
  • The team has the ball called "Offensive" and the other is defensive. The defensive team is supposed to not let the offensive team put the ball in the basket.
  • Both teams can score a point between 1 to 3, which depends on where the shot is hit.
  • On the other side, the defensive team steals the ball from the offensive team deflect passes, garner rebounds and contest shots.

How to Get a point in Basketball


As every pro player starts out as a beginner, where continuously practice and fitness dedication will get you to learn all the ins and outs of the game. Without practising, you won't make more points as compared to your opposite team. So acknowledge these tips and tricks to make more points.

1. Set a Goal:


Setting goal is something to work continuously for your excellence. No matter how hard the situation is, it keeps you encouraged to reach your destination every day. Likewise, setting wise will make you become the better version player. Once your goal is set, your training will make towards your victory. You keep increasing points in the game by doing practice daily. Because you will get to know the quick moves of the opposite team and you get over it soon.

2. Train Like Athletes:


As you heard the fact, the best players are the best Athletes. Without being fit and strong, you won't gain your strength as a basketball player. Training like an athlete will make you faster and stronger. Your training includes cardio like jogging, cycling, CrossFit, pull-ups, pushups, situps or any workout that helps to keep you in continuous motion.

3. Handle the Ball Accurately:

basketball-basic-4The playing technique is all about passing and catching the ball. Catching and holding the ball accurately is a key to victory. Once you catch a ball, then you suppose to coordinate it with your teammates and away from the offensive team. The quicker you are in the action, the more you are nearest to winning. The skills of holding, catching, drilling and shooting involve great hand control over the ball. Practice makes you master these skills no matter how much you will be under pressure.

4. Leg Training is Must:


Train your legs every alternate day and light training in the gap days because your feet play the main role in the sport. To train your feet and ankles properly, you will get great control over your body and your movements throughout the game. Such as jumping, running, pivoting and running up & down the court. By continuous training, you will be able to do these things faster and make more points than your opponent team.



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