In this blog, we will discuss the top secrets of the power full displaying process performed by the puzzling scientist "Nikola Tesla". Such as What is 369? or what are the characteristics of this code. For this, you need to keep reading and focussing! A famous author "Karin Yee" divinely researched the Nikola Tesla 3, 6, 9 methods. Which had taken the internet by storm. Although she was inspired to craft a Manifestation Secret Method. So after doing hardcore research, she defined their readers how to grip the power of these numbers "369". Where these numbers are used in your everyday life. 

Tesla Code "369" Method

A few months ago Karin Yee came across the profession of Nikola Tesla. There she got to know, that scientist was a brilliant inventor. Because without his creation, the world won't aim the way it is today. Where he has also done some amazing works in his time travel. The scientist was tenderly inspired to reveal the secrets of the universe. According to him, the code numbers 3, 6 and 9 are the spiritual numbers. You might be wondering in what sense right?  As you know the dimension of the circle is 360 degrees. Where the sum of 3, 6 and 0 is 9. It does not matter how many times you divide the circle. The answer always is either three (3), six (6) or nine (9). Besides, not only circle, you can consider any shape's dimensions. Such as square, rectangular, Hexagon, Pentagon etc. Their sum is also equal to nine. This fascinated idea shows that these divine numbers are the way of manifestation technique.

369 in Daily Life:

How can you use these numbers in your daily life? By applying Abraham's 17-second rule combine these numbers. If you focus on a thought for about 17 seconds then that one is started to link another thought and another energy creates to make that one further bigger. Your manifestation begins if you hold that thought for about 68 seconds. This comes from that starting 17 seconds and if you add this number (1+7), the answer is 6. 

Nikola Tesla's Biography:

Many people said the scientist died to retire from poverty. But the question arises why he did not manifest the money like everyone does today? The answer is he did not explore divine numbers to make money. However, this is the approach of many people that money is the only thing you need. However, there are some people whose life goals are not linked with money. For Nikola, money was not his first priority. That's the reason he was not manifest to gain wealth. However, he has discovered amazing inventions and gained amazing scientific discoveries. Which not other person could do that


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