Downloading Facebook videos onto your phone or computer may be easier than you imagine. With the help of a few apps and websites, it's feasible to download video content from Facebook, either private or public.

We've compiled a few suggestions to use these instruments below, as well as specific information on how they work and their weaknesses. Select the one that's promising fitted for your dssires.

How to download videos on PC

Many websites let you download video files to your computer without the need to download a software program to do it. Look over some of the most popular ones we've tested below and find out about their benefits and drawbacks.


With FBDOWN, type in the URL of the page where the video was published and then click Download to save the video in HD. Unfortunately, the downloaded video format is only MP4.

The platform works for Android and iOS and is accessible via the browser. It does not require installing an application; however, it does include a Google Chrome extension to download private videos.


Find the URL of the website on which the video was published in the shown box and then click Download. Get stuff is free and does not require installing any application, and downloads are HD quality.

It also offers the FB private Video button, which includes instructions on downloading private videos. Similar to FBDown. However, the Download is in MP4 format, but only.

How to download videos on smartphone

While certain websites work on smartphones, many can't play private videos. This is why the best solution is to install specific applications such as the ones below.

Save Story for Facebook Stories (Android App)

Save Story to Facebook Stories is an option for people who want to download videos from stories, but not from the timeline on social networks. You must sign in to your Facebook account using the application for it to work. To view Stories, you need to tap an icon that is circular and has the dotted line appearing on one end of the line.

The service lets you browse content and not be discovered by the person who published the content. First, select the video you would like to download, then click that two-dot icon in the lower right corner in the bottom right. The menu that appears is clicked Download. The files will be saved to the gallery.

Bulletsaver Video Downloader (Android App)

When you launch the Bulletsaver Video Downloader, The app prompts users to enter their Facebook username and password. This way, you can access your Facebook timeline via it.

From there, you can browse the same way as on Facebook. If you find a video you'd like to download, click"Download. The app has HD Download options which include private videos.

My Video Downloader for Facebook (Android App)

You can Log in to your fb account through the My Video Downloader to download videos for the Facebook application. Then, within the app, click upon"show more" to open the News page option, which will take you to the videos shared by your friends and family and the pages you like.

Select a video and hit the download button displayed in the upper right corner of the display. This is as simple as that. It is simple to use, and it even lets users share their videos directly via the application.

It also provides the option to search for videos according to categories like In your timeline and Shared by your videos you were tagged with and other types.

Shortcuts (iOS)

Shortcuts automate tasks that, without the application, require multiple actions to finish. Video downloading is just one of more than 200 actions that can be completed using the application.

Music, calendars, maps, social networks, and other smartphone functions could benefit from the ability to automate tasks. Additionally, it is possible to save PDF files directly from Safari and create GIFs.

While it is required to activate the app for the first time, the application will always offer users the Run Workflow option in the options available to download the online video such as f95zone. It takes only a few mouse steps to quickly and swiftly download the content.



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