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These terms and conditions for All Articles Solution are referred to herein. This includes any revisions there to set out the terms under your blog guardians Content and Media limited. They must be designed as per our rules and regulations mentioned on the site. However, this is the main agreement with us. Which you need to do. We request you to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid unnecessary issues.

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You agree to post your article/blog/content according to our rules and regulation. However, the media used in the blog is also provided by you. Including meta tags, meta titles and meta descriptions. If the blog does contain these terms. Your blog will be deleted by our site.

Creating Account

Creating an account is mandatory for posting a blog by yourself. Where all you need to just submit a blog and leave it for approval. We will review your articles and publish them in an hour. If in case your find your article is not approved. That means your articles did not match our guidelines and were deleted for that reason. So make you have a copy of your post blog as your documents.

Contact us

In case you don't desire to make an account. You can contact us via Facebook and submitted a blog to our representatives. Where you will be sent your live link within an hour. Also, there will be no limit you can upload as many articles as you want to upload. But make sure it matches our guidelines.