Working in an industry that is always changing and adapting necessitates problem-solving abilities. There will be times when the unit tests in your code fail, or when you have a long sprint ahead of you to finish your next goal. In these cases, your adaptability and ability to solve a difficult challenge will come in handy.

Computer science majors must be analytical thinkers to design systems and programmes, but they must also be detail-oriented to debug issues. They must be able to interact effectively with non-technical individuals to identify their needs and transmit technical knowledge in simple terms.

Check out the top ten careers for computer science majors – and anyone else with an interest in the industry.

1.  Software Developer

Software developers build and develop websites, programmes, and other applications that run on computers or other devices.

Skills: For these professions, a solid background in computer programming is required. Interpersonal skills, such as the ability to collaborate on projects with others and the ability to multitask, are also highly valued.

Salary: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary in the United States is around $105,000.

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2.  Web Developer

Web developers are programmers who focus on coding, designing, and building the layout of a website.

Skills: HTML/CSS, Javascript, and other programming languages are required for this position. Graphic design abilities and a collaborative approach are both required while working on projects with other designers.

Salary: Around $69,000.

3.  UX Designer

It is the responsibility of UX designers to guarantee that users of a platform or product enjoy engaging and pertinent experiences. They're a big part of why you like your favourite apps and how they look.

Skills: Programming and computer systems knowledge can help you succeed in this capacity because it makes it easier to communicate your design ideas to your colleagues. It also helps if you have expertise with user empathy, which enables you to see the product from the perspective of potential customers and make improvements as necessary.

Salary: Around $74,000.

4.  Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers are identical to Web Developers, with the exception that they specialise in designing, building, and testing mobile applications.

Skills: Aside from the fundamentals of strong analytical skills and coding knowledge, knowing both programmatic languages—Java (for Androids) and Objective-C (for iPhones)—is beneficial for variety.

Salary: Around $69,000.

5.  IT Project Manager

IT project managers are responsible for planning, budgeting, and overseeing the IT goals and efforts of a company.

Skills: This position necessitates strong leadership abilities. You'll be in charge of not only leading a team, but also guiding, hiring, and making decisions that are in everyone's best interests.

Salary: Around $142,000.

6.  Information Security Analyst

Information security analysts are in charge of implementing safety measures and protecting a company's computer networks.

Skills: Because the security of the entire organisation is on the line, you must be diligent and detail-oriented in your work. It's also crucial to be able to anticipate outcomes and adjust security accordingly.

Salary: Around $98,000.

7.  Systems Architect

Systems architects look at the big picture of a company and find out how to adopt the best IT strategy for their department's goals. They define and design the architecture of the system to provide the best possible experience.

Skills: To be successful as a Systems Architect, you must be able to critically examine a company's goals and determine the number of resources it will require from all sides. It's also advantageous to be able to analyse, evaluate, and translate consumer wants.

Salary: Around $109,000.

8.  AI Engineer

Artificial intelligence (AI) engineers build, test, and create computer systems to have their approximate human intellect.

Skills: This position requires good programming skills as well as a solid understanding of software development, linear algebra, probability, and statistics.

Salary: Around $144,000.

9.  Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers create, study, develop, and build computer systems and components such as semiconductors, memory, and circuit boards.

Skills:When working on software development projects, you'll require strong technical and analytical skills, as well as a strong collaborative attitude.

Salary: Around $114,000.

10.  Video Game Developer

These are the minds behind the games you enjoy playing in your leisure time. Create playable games by coding on numerous platforms and brainstorming with other developers.

Skills: This function necessitates strong storytelling abilities as well as the ability to create plots and designs. Knowing the programming language is not as crucial as having a vision and ideas about how to carry it out effectively.

Salary: Around $65,000.


Computer Science students who wish to create the next great piece of software or technological item must be inventive. Because of the quick pace of technological change, computer science majors must have a strong desire to learn to stay up with the latest innovations.

Because programmes and systems are used in almost every aspect of life and trade, computer science majors must also be curious about the world around them.

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