Do you want to hire DevOps engineers in Canada for your media and entertainment business?

Well, before you do that, here is a detailed review of DevOps for the media and entertainment?

  • According to Market research Future, the worldwide media and entertainment market is expected to reach USD 5099.2 million by 2030.

The vast use of mobile phones for entertainment and the massive rise of VOD, DSP, OTT platforms, and media forums explain the importance of technology in this field. However, with the increasing demand for creative and advanced entertainment solutions, there needs to be an apt process for developing and maintaining them.

First, let us know about the challenges that contemporary solutions bring.

Challenges of traditional media and entertainment industry

The entertainment industry works keenly on delivering the best content for your interest via different mediums. The development starts from black and white movies to 3D animated films or web series streaming that are a click away. However, as the need grows, the challenges doubles. So, to mention a few, the following are some of the significant challenges in this field.

  • Continuously meeting the changing habits of viewers

  • Constantly providing the content with operational efficiency

  • Prediction of audience interests

  • Speed of the content delivery

  • Automatically adjusting the quality of the content depending upon the network availability

  • Creating and handling the smooth experience across various channels and instruments

  • Speed of the cloud

  • Waiting and latency problems

  • On-demand subscriber reach

  • Customer retention 

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The content production, management, and marketing system need a robust technological environment to meet or resolve these issues. Therefore, on this note, DevOps helps media and entertainment businesses overcome a few of these challenges.

DevOps for media and entertainment

  • Markets and Markets have recorded massive growth in the DevOps market. It was USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 and may scale up to USD 10.31 Billion by 2023.

DevOps benefits various domains all over the world. It includes healthcare, eCommerce, education, entertainment, and the list goes on! In media and entertainment, the industry demands continuous releases of new content. It requires high-quality content delivered across multiple channels at the same time. Also, today, the content is watched via different devices. To support all these functions and maintain the standards of content, DevOps can be helpful.

Benefits of DevOps for the media and entertainment business

DevOps has numerous benefits to this domain. An isolated of them are remembered below.

It helps in automation.

This field is constantly changing and demands faster development and deployment of the products. Therefore, it results in the need for rigorous automation of various tasks. DevOps can help in this situation. In addition, with an automated pipeline, DevOps can introduce faster and more secure development, testing, deployment, and delivery.

It supports team collaborations.

DevOps can support the association of multiple departments. It will ensure the effortless operation of units to create and deliver better content faster.

It endows regular updates.

The media and entertainment field demand continuous releases. DevOps supports these frequent releases. In addition, it ensures to adopt changes quickly and continuously. Therefore, it brings stability to the system. 

Rapid deployment and development are easy when you use DevOps.

As stated earlier, DevOps supports continuous delivery of updates. Also, the combination of automation, constant updates, feedback, and monitoring systems can speed up deployment and development. As a result, the content is streamed faster. 

However, the advantages of DevOps are not limited to this. It smoothens the business processes to get the best results. When combined with technologies like ML, and big data, it can furnish users with appropriate viewing suggestions. Further, it can provide better security.

Add on: DevOps and Agile

With DevOps and Agile, the entertainment domain can be transformed. It helps in process transformation. In addition, it modifies the technology with CI, CD, and other tools and techniques. 


To incorporate DevOps in the media and entertainment domain, one must know this field. When you know the gaps or pitfalls, you know where to use DevOps. Further, this will help in finding the solution for the required area.

DevOps has the potential to bring necessary changes in both business and technology. In addition, it can enhance the particular function of the business and amplify the business growth. You can hire DevOps engineers in Canada to make your media and entertainment business cherish!

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