It is surprising to note how much integrating a Principle changes life events. So experiment! It will let you know: how to find your keys!

Everyday objects: loss

We have all happened to lose all kinds of everyday objects. Mobile phones, glasses, cars, or house keys, all these objects sometimes seem to take pleasure in disappearing – temporarily or permanently – from our lives.

This month, rather than continue to grumble by accusing us of more or less bitter qualifiers, we will try to understand the meaning of these annoying and common inconveniences.

Indeed, we now know that the revealed meaning of the events that affect us, whatever they are, expresses the laws of our realization, which we have to bring into consciousness.

Loss of glasses

Glasses have the function of correcting our vision, so they change the way we see things. In other words, without them, I cannot see reality as it is. As a result, I can no longer trust facts.

The Principle expressed by the loss of glasses is: reality is an illusion; I don't have to stay "hooked" on my vision. This, therefore, speaks of one of the great laws of life, which is to integrate that everything is change

When we lose our glasses, it would probably be interesting to ask which image – to which reassuring idea – we remain linked, thus preventing us from entering into our creativity and evolving. It is then proposed that we stop remaining fixed on our current way of looking at the world and question this attachment that prevents us from growing.

Thus, life offers us to trust more what we feel inside than what we see outside of ourselves without external references, integrating the fact that everything is impermanent and elusive.

Loss of a mobile phone

The function of a mobile phone is to allow us to communicate with anyone -having another phone- wherever they are on any part of the globe. For most of us, this device has become essential in everyday life: we use it constantly to communicate and play, listen to music and get information.

Therefore, the mobile phone is an intermediary in communication, transferring information from one person to another through radio signals. It requires a large number of relay stations to reactivate the information. In other words, in order to be received, this communication is artificially transformed.

Thus, losing your phone no longer allows us to communicate through artificial channels.

According to the law of the Principle, this loss thus proposes to us to find a proper communication. That is to say, real communication is possible only when everyone is in self-respect, without expectation or intention towards the other, in the actual encounter.

Loss of keys

A key is an instrument used to operate a mechanism to trigger the opening or closing of a door or start a machine. (Car, motorbike, etc.) It is an external tool – to something else – allowing action on this thing.

We use keys all the time in our daily lives. Keys to our home, car, mailbox, office, etc.

According to the law of the Principle, losing one's keys is an invitation to stop looking outside oneself for the "miracle key" that would remedy all our ills.

Following the use of these keys, the law of the Principle refine the meaning of their loss:

Losing the keys to your home:

I can no longer go home. Therefore, it is proposed that I become aware that I can no longer live by seeking external solutions to realize myself.

How the situation is resolved also gives us indications:

  • I call a locksmith: I choose to welcome the help of others to find myself.
  • I enter through a window: I change my – conventional – way of functioning to find myself.
  • I ask someone who lives with me or near me (spouse, children, parents, neighbor) and who has the duplicate keys to entrust them to me: I get out of identifying with the other, and I learn to respect by also considering the other in his difference.

Lost car keys

Our car represents our autonomy.

If I lose my car keys, I can't use them anymore. According to the law of the Principle, I am offered to find another way of living my independence while discovering that everything is interdependent.

It's also quite common to find yourself outside your car with the keys inside and locked doors. From the outside, it is possible to see the keys in the car, and it is often the intervention of a car locksmith in Tampa who brings the solution by opening the doors with a system of hooks.

The meaning proposed in this case is that the keys are inside oneself and that, no doubt, it is necessary to take others into account – or to appeal to the other – to access the heart of oneself.


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